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Texaz Mudd Pink Pint 32oz

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Purple drank references its typically purple hue, as the cough syrups employed are often purple in color, drank, and an African-American Vernacular English term for an alcoholic beverage or intoxicating drink,drank. Other names include sizzurp, syrup, drank, barre, purple jelly, wok, Texas tea, dirty Sprite, and Tsikuni.

8 reviews for Texaz Mudd Pink Pint 32oz

  1. foggy

    I love this Texaz Mudd Pink Pint 16oz this is really tasty for me!!!! Want to order again.

  2. dfh456

    Hella close to real wok, definitely finna order more pints

  3. Jackson Lee

    Ordered off this other website and it hasn’t shipped for 3 weeks would this one ship to British Columbia

  4. franky

    Fire ??

  5. Rt rigan

    World of dooze really works with you ! & goes above & beyond with customer service best product out

  6. Namuji Naga

    After a long stressful day at work I make a nice drink and it calms and relaxes me

  7. Gabrial

    Definitely satisfied, was almost like the real thing, ima be offing more pints fsfs

  8. Gun Rode

    Roger boss its awesome

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