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Purple Drank Lean is your one-stop online store for shopping the best and original Legal Lean syrups. We have deliciously flavored lean sizzurp ready to be mixed with your favorite soda and consumed for revolutionary mood enhancement. Either you want a rich grape-flavored act right sizzrup or craving to take the edge off with a cherry-smacked quali lean… we have got you covered!

Lean Syrups Sourced From Natural Extracts

The lean syrups listed on our online store have been recipe’ ed to perfection under the management of certified nutritionists. A blend of natural ingredients, herbal extracts, and vitamins goes into the creation of the lean syrups you purchase from us. We do this to ensure our beloved customers get the relaxation buzz from their drinks without compromising on their health standards.

Choose Your Favorite Pack

We have legal lean syrups available in different volumes and packages. Starting from the lowest 2-oz. bottles all the way up to the large cans – you can shop lean online in your desired quantity. Plus, bundles can be purchased at special wholesale prices with free shipping.

Buy Your Favorite Flavor

Every person is attracted to a different taste, and Purple Drank Lean is a platform where you can buy legal lean online in different flavors. Our team of nutritionists and herbalists have spent years in specially formulated blends of natural herb extracts, proprietary ingredients, and essential vitamins to form Legal Lean Syrups in distinct flavors to suit any taste. Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, and Blue Grape are some of the hot-selling flavors in our store.

No Adverse Effects

Overdosage of everything is bad, but moderate consumption of lean drinks purchased from Purple Drank Lean will pose no health side effects. This is because all our blends have been formulated with herbal extracts, natural ingredients, food-grade flavors, and vitamins. Proper testing goes into place before making each product public to the consumers. Therefore, buying from us gives you an added benefit of health-friendly drinks.


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