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Purple Drank Lean takes pride in being the largest online store for buying everything LEGAL LEAN at wholesale prices. We stock a large variety of lean – ranging from different flavors of lean syrups to purple drank strains and legal lean vape juices to organic hand-rolled leaf. Plus our lean store stocks a large variety of lean-related accessories such as disposable hemp pens, cartridges, loud caps, and strains.

Purple Drank Lean
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Lean-addicts value quality over everything else… so we know how to service our clients with safe, delicious, and enjoyable drinking + sniffing lean products for a HEAVENLY experience. Proper attention goes into place to each product’s details to ensure customers shop LEAN that is the best quality and has minimum side effects with no compromise on the de-stressing effect. And yes, we do also have branded lean goods from companies like Coko Loko and Hi-Tek in our inventory.

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Purple Drank Lean is the best one-stop destination to finding your favorite lean goods at discounted sale prices. Being one of the largest online distributors of sizzurp and dirty sprite, we guarantee availability of all types of legal leans, purple drank strains, cookies, and everything lean associated.

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Buy Lean Online

Flavored Lean Syrups

Addicted to a certain fruit flavor? Amazingly, we have a wide assortment of flavored lean products – ranging from sweet n’ sour raspberry drinks and sugary cherry to juicy and crispy grape-flavored sizzurp.

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All Sizzurps Variety

There’s so much more in the lean market and Purple Drank Lean rightfully serves all of ‘em so one can indulge in absolutely incredible tastes different sizzurps have to offer. Our online lean buy store includes but is not limited to Texas Mudd, Aka Lean, Wocklean, Actright Syrup, and Quali Lean.

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Legal Lean Vapes

Want to give a tobacco smoking like touch to lean drinking? Shop online for the finest quality legal lean vapes and pens. Draw lean drinking vapors into your mouth through any of your preferred vape juice cartridges and get pure mood-enhancing buzzes.

Purple Drank Strains

Purple Drank Strains

We have purple drank sourced from flowers and craft cannabis. These include products from hybrid, Sativa, Indica, mini rolls, strains, cookies, purple drank breath, lean 187, and hand-rolled legal lean leaf categories. Shop online for your favorite lean products at the best price guaranteed.

Lean Products

Lean Products & Accessories

Purple Drank Lean isn’t limited to consumable products only. In fact, we have a huge collection of accessories that work their way to form a complete legal lean set. This includes legal lean screwed up loud caps, pods, disposable hemp pens, and more.

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Buy Lean @ Wholesale Prices

Want to purchase purple drank sizzurp bundles and bulk packs? We have Actlean and Woklean as well as all other drinking + vaping lean produce ready to be shipped in bulk quantities at wholesale prices.

Legal Lean is an intoxicating drug made by mixing cough syrup (containing opioid codeine and the antihistamine promethazine), soda, hard candy (sugar candy), and sometimes alcohol. A majority of people consume lean in liquid form, with the liquid being served in white styrofoam cups. Lean is consumed for relaxation, mood enhancement, psychostimulation, and easing stress.

The lean drink is made intoxicating with the addition of codeine cough syrup. The Drug Enforcement Administration groups codeine as a Schedule II controlled substance when it’s a single ingredient. It stays a lesser, yet at the same time powerful, controlled substance when blended in with different ingredients. Consuming lean is legal, however, you should be over 18 years of age. Plus, don’t over-consume it as excess addiction to everything is bad!

Drinking lean creates a soothing effect in your body, making you feel relaxed and completely de-stressed. It makes you feel as if you are floating away from your body and eases back your cerebrum activity for a sedating effect. The term LEAN originates from the position it goes to place you in the wake of drinking it. It rapidly gained fame after rappers like Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber have celebrated it in their music.

A normal dosage causes a soothing effect for 3-6 hours.

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