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Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge Mango x Dream



Everything You Want Out of a Sativa

With Mango Dream, serious Sativa lovers have everything they could ask for – a bold feeling of euphoria that makes way for gentle uplifting effects and a soothing effect on the mind that can help you unwind or get through your busy day.

100% Hemp in Each Cart 

We refuse to add any fillers or additives to our vape cartridges, as this would lower the purity levels that vapers deserve. Each cartridge contains only pure delta 8 distillate and terpenes that have been carefully extracted from premium-grade plant material.

Succulent Mango Flavor 

We only use the finest terpenes from all of our mango strains to create this delicious vape experience. With all of the flavors in our Mango Tango, you’ll forget that you even had a vape cart at all! This comes solely from the terpenes and not any other ingredients.

Enjoy Delta 8 on Demand 

This 510-threaded vape pen comes with a cartridge that ensures smooth and easy vaping wherever you go. With the effects of vaping kicks in within just minutes, it’s no wonder this is one reliable device! The cartridges are bioavailable, providing quick and powerful vapor without any fuss.

Size: 1 gram

Contains: 800mg Δ8THC


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