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Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Gushers x Runtz



We have combined two of our all-time favorite strains into one vape to give you the best of both worlds. White Gushers is a hybrid renowned for its mellowing effects, while Runtz OG is another famous hybrid with more uplifting qualities. They make a balanced combination, not to mention that they have an irresistible fruity and sweet flavor.

The oil in our disposable vapes is 100% hemp-derived, which means we don’t use any fillers or cutting agents. You will only be able to vape pure delta 8 distillate and naturally extracted terpenes from premium cannabis plants.

If you are looking for an easy delta 8 routines, disposables are the way to go. With no maintenance required, the device is ready to start producing delta 8 THC vapor the moment it’s taken out of the box. Toss the device when the vape oil runs out and buy a new one.

Contains: 1g Delta-8 THC


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