Purple Drank Lean®

Wocklean Purple 4oz (7 bottles)

(75 customer reviews)



Wocklean is an all-natural syrup that has been specifically formulated to help the mind and body reach a new state of relaxation. Relax & unwind after a long day and drift peacefully into a state of tranquility. We’ve spent countless years of trial & error to perfect the color, texture & taste of this syrup and now it’s finally available for the public to enjoy!

  • 1 ounce on its own or mix it with your favorite choice of soda or juice!
  • Wocklean is a drug-free syrup that is legal in 50 states!
  • Made & shipped from the USA!
  • Must be 18+ to purchase.

75 reviews for Wocklean Purple 4oz (7 bottles)

  1. Gun Lover

    It does put me to sleep and that’s the reason why I got it… After awhile it reminded me of the nasty cough syrup I had as a child. I wish there was more flavors tho.

  2. Emmett Pipkins

    Amazing loved it x?

  3. Dot Gunss

    it was fire. Tasted delicious

  4. foggy

    Everything was right on point Flavor, texture and truly helps you relax. Will recommend and order again. I see why it has the rating it has.

  5. dfh456

    It’s good only thing bout it it took to long to ship but when it did it xame fast but yeaa i know yall looking like this site prolly fake naa it’s real and it made me go to sleep

  6. dmack58

    Good Good Good Good

  7. Dg Guns

    So good i orderd 4 more 4oz and a 8 oz and will b ordering the wait is worth it.. Extremely happy.. Does the job i highly recommend it to everyone that sip syrup it will help u get off that shit u will thank me later.. I mean thank wocklean.

  8. Savage Life

    Love this product , get to me fast and does what’s expected.

  9. segw34

    I love the color and smell and how it drops makes you lean fr all you need is 4 oz and it does the job I swear

  10. ngdrg

    Purple Bubblegum Flavor (4oz)

  11. tyur

    Purple Bubblegum Flavor (4oz)

  12. Mark Fence

    Taste is fire definitely I’ll grab again

  13. Joe Life

    It’s worth the price just need the measurements on the bottle other than that I’m goin to get it again

  14. oyo Life

    Let’s say I’ll be ordering more soon

  15. Vaers

    I would like to say that Wok Lean is killing the game right now on legal lean:)
    The Taste is so satisfying and rich. knowing that your product works my next purchase will be more than a 4oz

  16. dyna

    This was a replacement bottle for one damaged in a previous order. Came on time and has been amazing so far. Great customer service

  17. Wyaids

    It was bomb felt slump asf

  18. Dashy Ran

    Fast Shipping and Legit

  19. Yana

    Suburb I loved it I’m definitely recommend that people should shop online here

  20. Namuji Naga

    I like it. It more less ez a pain I have in my foot.

  21. candan aumi

    A1 best sodas

  22. segw34

    Yea This here is the truth

  23. Dina Rahman

    great product love the taste and packaged really well would buy again

  24. vijay

    Love it!!!
    This stuff calms me and helps to put me to sleep. I love it and will be buying more.

  25. Dear

    I love the real taste

  26. Ganagaaa

    Tastes great!!!

  27. diya

    Man gave me great feeling and comfortable sleep it better than pills

  28. Joe Henry

    Works great Love the affect

  29. Drake

    It was wonderful had a great time drinking. I poured a 4 in a 2 in it was great

  30. jeny

    It was assume I will be buying more

  31. suroby

    It is very good will get again does help with sleep

  32. Uday Dewan

    i fuck with it shoutout boozebadass
    y’all needa fuck with em they da best in the game if you wanna be on lean all natural ingredients

  33. Pistol Life

    Good stuff!!

  34. Rifle King

    Purple Bubblegum Flavor (4oz)

  35. Drake king

    Exactly what I thought it would be. Put me down. Felt great and on top of that it felt like I was drinking real lean minus the total 0 gravity feeling but I totally recommend

  36. Gun Rode

    The good syrup

  37. shouku

    Wish there was a little bit more affect

  38. Sk khan

    Shipping was fast and easy Wocklean Taste and looks good almost like the real drank 5 stars all the way!

  39. inoji

    Wow! Taste great just like the real thing smells good taste good drips straight to the bottom like the real deal they have very fast shipping and always update me on my orders thanks wock lean!

  40. xbob

    Very good product . Overall shipping excellent

  41. yuli

    It taste, looks, and smells great! I’m about to place my second order now!

  42. gulio

    I love it❗️

  43. urui

    Thank you so much

  44. demoi

    I love the product

  45. temoi

    Purple (16oz) Pint

  46. kelash


  47. fellow

    Love the drink

  48. Emmett Pipkins

    Amazing product. Great flavor too!

  49. Action King


  50. Sks Guns


  51. zabhu

    Tastes good. Little sweeter than the medicinal syrup but legit. Looks good. Sinks to the bottom as if it was the real stff from the freezer, but Most of all it helps you sleep without any type of pharmaceutical drug.

  52. zabhu

    Shit is good man the shit is good

  53. gulom


  54. Carlos Smith

    Just like Boosie said.

  55. ymujli

    The customer service department is excellent!! Whenever I had a question they would get back with me in a timely fashion! I would recommend this company to anyone!!

  56. Sk khan

    Dat purp

  57. frd

    Lil more kick overall great

  58. zabhu

    I love it I’ll continue to order you’ll products

  59. Adam Joe


  60. Savage Life


  61. dfh456

    Honestly all are sooo good!! It’s worth the price(s) and wait!!! I recommend this!???????!!

  62. Carlos Smith

    It did me justice

  63. Ukis

    Wocklean is so awesome !

  64. Gun Rode

    Good quality

  65. Boxy Life

    Good taste right color juss need a lil more kick ?

  66. segw34

    Purple (4oz)

  67. Turkey Guru

    It did me justice

  68. Savage Life

    Wocklean is so awesome !

  69. Yana

    Good quality

  70. Rakesh Bhatt

    Good taste right color juss need a lil more kick ?

  71. Emmett Pipkins

    It was here when it was supposed to get hear had no problems wasn’t worried about nothing I will continue to use them in the future.

  72. xnx jobob

    Good product great shipping

  73. fellow

    package was good handle to me very well came quick

  74. Opy Karim

    I’m Tryna Get Sponsored By You Guys

  75. ukrain Pro

    everything on point but does need to be stronger like the real thing but taste is almost dead on . could be thicker also but over all great

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